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Horrible app

You need to type in each product. Too much work. Made grocery shopping 2 times as long for 50 cents savings

Does not work

Every time I go to “digital coupons” it tells me there are none available at this time & to check back later. Have tried it at multiple locations & many different times.

Organize list by aisle feature gone

The app used to let us sort our list by aisle, but since the last update it seems this feature went away. It makes the app way less effective. Is this feature coming back or if it exists, how do we do it?

Grocery shopping isn’t terrible anymore

I’m one of those people who goes to the grocery store, desperately searching around for ingredients and walking out after an hour of shopping without everything I needed. Also known as: the main reason why I get stressed out. The fact that I can make a list of groceries and sort that list by which AISLES they’re in is AMAZING! AND I saved so much money! I had my list, I had how much I was going to spend, and boom, that was all I bought. I will use this every time I go grocery shopping at Woodman’s.

Super service and employees

I used to shop at Woodmens maybe twice a month or when I needed something no one else had because they have it all! I shopped there on August 7 about 6pm and left my wallet there. When I missed it the next morning about 9 , I called , never expecting it would be there. It was! The person who found it refused an award and was glad for the hug I gave👍. Lady in office was super nice and professional. I won’t go back monthly , but will now be a regular devoted customer weekly. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I even have a Woodmens app now❤️🎉

Digital coupons have disappeared

The app in the App Store shows digital coupons as an option on the main page. My app no longer shows that option. When I questioned the developer I was told the coupons would be available at checkout. Unacceptable!

Woodmans Regular

I shop at Woodmans in Sun Prairie weekly. I love the store and am glad they have this app. It cuts down on my shopping time by being able to locate items quickly. I’ve been using the app for over a year. I keep checked off items that I regularly purchase on the list and just uncheck them if I run out. Couple of cons: The biggest one is that the app will sometimes re-shuffle after checking off an item. Meaning it mixes up checked and unchecked items when it is supposed to leave unchecked items at the top. Then I have to exit and re-enter the list in order to get it to display right. Also, sometimes it checks off items I have not purchased yet. If I don’t notice til I get home, that’s super frustrating. Occasionally it has the item listed in the wrong isle but I can see how that happens. It’s not a huge deal to me. Overall it needs some tweaking but is very helpful.

Not user friendly

I love this company so I want to love this app. With multiple small kids it’s hard for me to go grocery shopping so this was a wonderful find. However if you don’t use the exact wording of a product they claim to not have it. Half of the products don’t contain pictures so with so many products in the store it’s hard to be sure you’re selecting the best one. Items that are out of stock don’t show up as such until it’s too late to adjust the order so if it’s something you need you have to find your own substitution and make a new order, costing a minimum of $55 with order requirements and the convenience fee. The products are already more expensive because they’re higher quality but I may have to just deal with lesser products, a longer driving time and save my money by going back to Walmart. Update for reply from developer: I have employed the option of selecting back ups for my products and after selecting boneless skinless chicken breast and picking every single other non-frozen option for boneless skinless chicken breast of every size and brand that there would still be none in the entire store.

Out of stock items

Received a text I have out of stock items. How do I view ? Leads me to home page. I am confused.

Go back to paper coupons

Apps are meant to be convenient money-savers. First and only time I used this ($2 off laundry soap) wasted nearly 10 minutes of everyone’s time because the coupon wouldn’t scan. The cashier had to write down my app bar code number and product UPC (as in on paper) to give me the $2 off. More time wasted and had to use paper anyway. Deleting the app.

Can’t update online order

Went well on initial order. Then I went back to add/delete items (on iPhone) and could not. The app just quit after listing about half of the products. Never got to an add button. I as able to fix on the website. Why even have the app, I wonder.

Wanna pay more for a pick up?

Why in the earth would you guys charge more for a pick up? It is absolutely ridiculous that Woodman’s would want to put the cost for a new service on the customers. When I first saw this option at the store I thought it was really cool to have an option to pick up but then I realized they charge way more than the actual price at the store. No thanks!

Completely useless

I can’t review the actual app function because the app won’t even open. What a waste

App wont open past loading screen

Getting error 401 - check internet connection and try again. I do, get same error. It's on a 4G connection. 😣 04/12/18 update, app opening as intended with latest patch today. Thanks!

Needs a lot of work

App currently not working. Keep getting an error message stating there is no Internet connection. I do have Internet connection all my other apps on my phone work just fine. Also the search feature for groceries needs work. It shouldn’t be that you have to type in exactly how the items were entered into the system. If I try to search with a few words I cannot find the item. I’m finding that you have to type it in exactly as it was entered into the app. That makes it difficult to search and not want to use the app. Please fix!

Not working

My app no longer works after the last update. I’ve tried on my phone and iPad. Prior to this I liked the app. It says there is an error with my internet, I’ve been just on my cellular data, my personal WiFi and my works WiFi and nothing works. I have also shut my phone down and restarted it and this doesn’t help.

Love it- but not working

We love this app. It makes Shopping so much easier- however we haven’t been able to get the app to open! What’s going on?!

Won’t connect

This app normally works so smooth for me. But lately I can’t even open the app and I get a pop up that I have poor internet connection

Auto save of cc info?

This app saves your credit card info automatically for future use. Please change this!

Perfect app for our family!

I set up a list with a date. Hubby and teens can add to it knowing I'm shopping a specific day. No more endless texts or telling me items in passing expecting me to remember. Regardless if I choose rapid pick up or shop in store off the app list- this is perfect for us. Thank you, Woodman's!


I understand there will be a service fee, but I don't appreciate the groceries themselves costing more. I was sick and thought I'd try the app to avoid a trip around the store. Problem was I couldn't pick up the same day so I had to go to the store anyways. My $50.11 app cart ended up being $40.26 in store. Add the $4.95 service fee and that's a lot of small fees adding up. It would be more honest if you kept the prices the same and charged a $15.00 service fee.

Great App for coupons!

I really like this app! I always find good coupons and have about $10-$15 dollars off my grocery bill.

Please let shipping list be sorted by aisle.

The old version of the app allows sorting the shopping list by aisle. This option is no longer available. It makes using the shopping list in store much less user friendly.

Missing items

When I create a shopping list and move it to my shopping cart. Items must be disappearing. My order is so big that I don’t go back and check it I just assume that the items will be in my order this is the 2nd time I have had that happen.

Always an issue

This is the second time in a row I didn’t get my items when promised. This time it is 10:40 pm without even a call. I had to follow up previously to even get the delivery fee waived. It seems as they are trying, but with how many times they’ve missed the mark, I am looking elsewhere as there competitors offer free delivery and equal or better prices.

Great app for looking at what’s in store

I don’t use this app to order anything but I like knowing what’s in stock before my shopping

Love this App

My husband can now get the exact item that I want. Would have given it 5 stars if I could print out my shopping list. Any chance that is coming soon?

Thought it was great...but then...

My husband told me about this app and said he thought it would make my life easier. At first I thought it was great, especially since I could scan items I had at home and have them put on the list I had created. My husband asked me to log out so he could log into my account on his phone to add to my list. After I logged out I could not log back in. It said my username/password were incorrect. I was positive my username was correct, so I hit the link to reset my password just in case. It said an email would be sent to me but I never got it. I kept trying to get it to send me something to reset my password, but no such luck. Now I have to try to remember the long list of items I need to buy that I no longer have access to. So frustrating!

Can't check out

Updated - The app is working correctly however the "5" from the "Minimum of $50 required" was not showing up. It is now displayed correctly. Original comment- I was trying your app for the first time and I can add items to my shopping cart however I can't checkout. Is this a bug in your app or am I doing something wrong?

Deceptive Pricing

My family was very excited about their grocery pick-up service. Ordering on-line with this app and doing the drive-up pick-up was great. We were using the service for over a month; ordering an average of $500 worth of groceries each time. However, my smart mom did some checking on prices and found that most items are higher priced for on-line shopping. I’m not talking a just few cents, it’s a LOT higher. For just one example, some honey that cost around $20 was a full $2 higher. A pizza that is 2 for $12 in store is 2 for $14 for pick-up. The list goes on and on. I estimate that on a $500 grocery order, we are paying a $60+ premium. Nowhere did it say we were paying extra??!!!! My family and I feel like we were taken advantage of. We are now using Walmart’s grocery service. Their selection is no where near what Woodman’s offers, but at least they don’t mark-up their prices for the pick-up ‘service’. Shame on Woodman’s!!! UPDATE (2017/11): The developer responded; which is a positive. They spoke about price matching and provided a link to a Wall Street Journal article about how Walmart charges more for on-line orders due to shipping costs, they also said their FAQ’s talk about the higher prices. I’m sorry, but that response fails to address the inherent problem of Shop Woodmans: Woodman’s is over-charging for picking your items off the shelf (no shipping involved), and burying a description of what they are doing at the bottom of a long FAQ page. If all they are doing is providing a ‘service’, then the cost of grocery pick-up should be their extra cost. For example, for my $500 grocery order that costs ballpark $60+ more; say Woodman’s pays their employees $20/hr, it likely takes them 20 minutes to pick the groceries and another 10 minutes to process and help load, etc. I see the service costing $10. (my numbers are likely off, but the point is clear). Charging customers a roughly 15% premium ($60+ in my example) means that they are trying to make money off this while being deceptive about it. If Woodman’s needs to charge more to cover their costs, I understand that. Just make sure it is transparent what you are doing and only charge what your fixed costs are. I’ve add 1 star back.

Logout issues

The app makes you login and setup the app weekly. Frustrating and stupid.


There’s certain things that are being sold that are much cheaper in store than what is offered online. There are also times when an item will get dropped off the cart after purchasing with no explanation. Human error or app glitch, who knows but you don’t find out you’re missing something until after you are putting your groceries away.


You can't even use EBT FOODSHARE/FOOD STAMPS!! Not everyone uses a Credit Card!! I feel like this is something that needs to be fixed!! Majority of people are not well Off and are on some type of assistance so you need something other than credit cards that you can pay with on this app!!!

Loving this for on line shopping

I just want to share how excited I am that Woodmans now offers on line shopping & pickup. I have tried it twice and love it. With the app; you can start your list, add coupons, scan barcodes, etc. I keep a list going in the app- when it's time to shop- I move my list over to the cart & check out. Select the pickup time and checkout with the app. I pull into their dedicated parking for online pickups- click "IM HERE"- they load me up and I am off. Well worth the $4.95 charge (only charged if under $100) (between the time spent at the grocery store and the extra money you spend picking up extra items along the way typically). You can add notes to your items- like when I add bananas, I specify greener color. I was worried about expiration dates and produce selections- but so far so good! I couldn't find a particular item/name brand on an item yesterday- I clicked the message my store and asked- they had it added within a few hours and emailed me back. Now... if I can only get that man to come home with me to unload, unpack, put away, wash my fruit, etc... If you love your Woodman's prices $ selection and are a busy parent- this is so worth it. Two suggestions: allow a barcode receipt print off from the app (I need for ibotta reimbursement) & rebates. I'm not currently getting the actual receipt with my orders (coming in email) Allow use of gift cards at check out. I pre-purchase Woodmans cards through my son's hockey program (as a portion of the value gets kicked back to us for hockey tuition through Script). I only see that I can use "credit card" at check out.

Doesn’t Work Half The Time

Won’t let me complete store pickup!

The digital wallet section freezes

When I want to check what coupons I clipped, the screen freezes and sometimes doesn’t show all my coupons. Please fix this bug immediately as I shop here frequently.

Great app

Love seeing the prices and creating my grocery lists as I think of things during the week.


How about you fix it so that after every update we don't have to do the whole sign in again, pick your store, etc

Love the app, needs minor improvements

I can never find anything in this store because they have sooooo much awesome stuff. I started putting my grocery list in the app and I love it because it tells me what aisle everything is in (total timesaver). The issue I have is that after I put in my list it doesn't group together things in order. I wish it would tell me everything in produce, near, or aisle 1 all together. If it could organize the list that way I would be thrilled!!!!

Horribly Organized

Categories are too broad (bakery, beverages packaged goods, frozen, etc) with no sub-categories and no rhyme or reason to how the products are listed within the categories. For example beverages contains soda, tea, coffee, and juices of all types, jumbled together. Nothing is even alphabetized. You also can't tell how far down you are on the never ending list of unorganized mess. I've had resort to searching for every product by typing in its name in the search. This app is not well designed or user friendly at all. Whoever designed this app should be fired.

Woodmans app

Terrible app. Every time I go to use it it asks for my user name and password. Plus there is always a notice in my App Store to open it that I can't get rid of.

Recent updates are a step backwards

I downloaded this app recently, maybe just a couple weeks. I liked the app at first but there seems to be some recent changes that has turned me off. One, to remove items from your list you have to tap on the item, then select "remove item from list". Before, you could simply tap a radio button on the left of the item and it checked it off the list and moved the item to the bottom. Where you could tap it again and it would uncheck it and move it back on the list. The other change, which really doesn't make sense to me, is you no longer can sort the list by aisle/department. Huh? What is the thought process of taking that away? I would think most shoppers go through the store in some kind of order, such as moving from one end to the other. It would be nice, and completely reasonable, to be able to view items on your list in groups, so if I'm in Produce, my list is ordered to where everything in Produce is grouped together. If I'm walking from aisle 1 working my way to 20, having the list grouped my aisle makes perfect sense. I'm baffled at how it was decided to put fourth development effort to remove probably the most convenient aspect of the app. Please bring these features back.


Installed the app, tried to log in, and it just crashes. Try and try again, just crashes.

Great but no store maps!

I used the previous app and although it was for older devices at least it had a store map that I could really use. In this version, the only way to see a store map (theoretically) is to tap on a pin below the description of a product, but whenever you do that you just get a blank screen with a close box! PLEASE fix this for the next update!

May 4 update is unusable

The app acts as if I can add an item to a list but when I go to list the update wheel just spins n spins. Prior to this latest update I have been confused as to why when I shop and click on an item it just strikes it out when before it would remove it. So you end up scrolling thru a list of all strikeout items while going thru the store. A pain for longer lists.


Why can't I delete the bottom two items off of my lists? Also I can't figure out how to share my list with someone else.

Lost nearly all functionality with this update

Can't delete items, can't clear the cart (and because you can't clear the cart, forget about anything ever getting into your order history). The old version wasn't perfect but it was 99% better than this. The interface looks better but that isn't much good without decent functionality.

Disappointing, underdeveloped, clunky.

The authors disabled the use of the previous Woodman app, so I was unable to retrieve my password or username… And therefore lost all of my information. The shopping list I had been using for over a year to go shopping with was completely gone. The new Woodmans app is very discouraging to use;when I go to the grocery list it does not have a way to add groceries on it without opening another button. I don't know where to start with this app. I just want to get a grocery list together and have it showing if it's available. It's basically more work and less features. Please go back to the old app and fine tune it.

Hate this app

This version is not user friendly. The new version doesn't remember the old lists I spent months creating. I hate it. I deleted it and won't be using it ever again.

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